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Any Content. Any Device. Anywhere.

Pyramid WiFi

Meet Pyramid

Pyramid is a pocket-sized WiFi box which unlocks your internet connection at home or on the go. 

Any Content 🔓

Many websites and apps such as Hulu, HBO and Netflix limit access by location. Pyramid works like a WiFi Passport lifting restrictions on over 300 channels from 30 countries.

Any Device 📲

There’s no software to install or anything to configure. Just connect Pyramid to the internet and discover a new world of content on any WiFi device.

Anywhere 🌍

Pyramid is a 21st century travel essential keeping you connected to live television, sports and catch up services when you’re abroad.

Additional Features


Pyramid is pretty fly for WiFi. In seconds, it can up to double the wireless signal in your home or transform a USB drive into a mobile-friendly wireless drive.


Netflix region locking can be frustrating and UK users pay almost twice as much per title vs those in the US. With Pyramid, you can search and switch between 25 regions in seconds.


Pyramid has a security switch which works like an invisibility cloak securing your privacy from website trackers and unsecure connections.

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