The internet freedom box. Pocket-sized WiFi router which protects privacy and unlocks content globally.

Meet Pyramid

Pyramid is the world's simplest online freedom device. A small and light VPN router that protects your privacy and removes online restrictions.

Unlock Everywhere

Watch, stream or browse content with no restrictions or blocked sites.

Stress-free Streaming

Tired of proxy errors with your VPN? Pyramid has been engineered to work seamlessly with Netflix, BitTorrent, Amazon Prime and iPlayer.

Sun, Sea & TV

TV Everywhere Smiley face

TV Everywhere 🍿

A long distance relationship between you and your favourite TV shows or sports can be tricky.

Pyramid gets rid of those pesky location restrictions and lets you feel at home anywhere.*

#NoMoreSpoilers 😎


Privacy in Public Smiley face

Privacy in Public 🙌

These days Public WiFi networks are fraud hotspots. Anyone can steal personal or banking details with just a YouTube tutorial and some software. 

Pyramid’s nifty encryption keeps you safe and secure allowing you to check your bank balance or post that #instacoffee selfie without fear.

3 Minute Set-Up

Get set-up in minutes. Connect to Pyramid over WiFi with any device including Apple TV, Fire Stick, Chromecast, Roku and more!

Speedy & Secure

Our world-class network of 3,525 servers in 55 countries delivers HD streaming speeds, unlimited bandwidth and offshore privacy protection.

Smart Skills

Boost your wireless signal at home or transform your old USB drive into a Netflix-style streaming experience with Pyramid's nifty WiFi skills.