Pyramid WiFi Review

If you are a TV or movie fiend like myself you’ll already know that what you can stream online is very often tied to your IP address and where you are in the world. Take Netflix for example, while I access the service from within the UK their servers will only allow me to peruse a fraction of the TV shows and movies available to US based customers who pay a similar amount as I do per month.

VPNs and proxies are as old as the hills but they are often cumbersome, unreliable and all too easily blocked by content and service providers. Not to mention the fact that with many VPNs every website, service and stream you visit or use is collected in a log and can be analysed or even shared by your provider.  
Enter the Pyramid WiFi!

The Pyramid WiFi box is a tiny lightweight gadget which is smaller and thinner than an Amazon Echo Dot and it’s true what they say; good things do come in small packages!

This tiny device packs an almighty punch and allows your smart TV, video steamer, computer, iPad, smartphone etc to connect to one of 3,500 servers across 60 countries at the click of a button. The gadget connects to your router via WiFi or ethernet cable and the easy-to-use user interface allows you to select the country of the server you wish to connect to in order to unlock the content you wish to watch. If you have a testy firewall you can even connect using the handy ‘stealth mode’.

Its use isn’t limited to within your home. You can take your Pyramid WiFi and use it in any public WiFi hotspot provided you power it using a power bank or your laptop USB port. Using your Pyramid with a WiFi hotspot ensures all of your traffic is encrypted and secure and any miscreant nearby can’t intercept your data and steal your credentials.

The Pyramid device not only unlocks the internet by removing geographical restrictions but keeps you and your family safe online by cloaking your IP address, preventing your ISP or VPN provider from logging your internet usage and protecting you while you use public WiFi hotspots even if they are unsecured. There are plans to launch an app Pyramid Go, which will allow users to benefit from the protection and cloaking features while on the go using their 4G connection.

Paul McGinley, the man behind the Pyramid won a Student Enterprise award from the Scottish Institute for Enterprise for his invention and concept in 2016. Pyramid is a corporate supporter of The Open Rights Group and online they are advocating for the rolling-back of what they refer to on their website as ‘a rapid decline in freedoms in the UK.’

I’ve used Pyramid for just over a week now and I’ve already been able to cancel my long-standing VPN subscription. The Pyramid arrived in a very smart and sleek box and I had it set up and functioning within five minutes. I’ve been using the device to watch (a very kind friends’) US television package and have unlocked a whole host of additional US content on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. If you want to stay safe online, get the most out of your streaming subscriptions and don’t want every step of your online life being recorded by your ISP or VPN provider, then I’m sure you’ll love Pyramid as much as I do. Unlike many other services I’ve tried over the years, the Pyramid device and its servers are very fast and I didn’t spend half the time buffering or watching an out-of-sync video.  

Pyramid is available to buy online at an introductory price following a soft invite-only launch last month. You can currently buy a Pyramid WiFi device with a 2 month pass for £39, with an annual pass for £69 or a lifelong pass for £199. If you choose the monthly option, the subscription will renew month to month at £5.99 and you can cancel your service at any time. Pyramid WiFi comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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