General Questions 🤔

Pyramid is a pocket sized WiFi router that can connect to any device and improve your online experience by letting you:

 Encrypt and keep your browsing history to yourself
 Switch virtual location and enjoy TV & Sports globally
 Unblock any website, social network or app
 Protect personal data on Public WiFi

Pyramid is different from a Virtual Private Network in two main ways:

 No software to install or jibber jabber
 Better compatibility with all major streaming services
 Works with all devices including consoles and streaming devices
Security of network-level leak protection

Other capabilities (WiFi Skills):
Improve WiFi Signal Strength
Personalise network name with emoji
Transform USB files into Netflix-style experience

Pyramid is a great value subscription product.

We offer Pyramid + Premium Pass Bundles. The device RRP is £49 with monthly passes costing £5.99/mo. We also have annual plans which bring the cost to less than £3/mo.

Yes, it does a great job of boosting WiFi, file-sharing and acting as a travel router for hotels.

Passes are required for our powerful network for privacy, security and unblocking content globally.

We offer a 30 day no hassle money back on the Pyramid WiFi device and you cancel your Pass at any time. There’s no contract.

We have a 30 day money back, so feel free to try and if it’s not for you send it back (we even pay the return postage) 

Compatibility 🎮

Pyramid connects to *any* device over WiFi or wired connection.

It works with all the usual devices (phone, tablet and laptop) PLUS devices that don’t normally support VPN such as Smart TVs, Chromecast, Fire Stick, Roku, XBOX, PS4 and more! 

Pyramid features Teleport, a technology which gives better support with streaming services. We currently have support for Netflix US on many, but not all, of our servers.

We don’t discriminate, BitTorrent and P2P traffic is allowed and not throttled.

Yes, we have support for BBC iPlayer.

Yes, we have support for BT and Sky Sports and most major streaming services.

Pyramid Teleport, our technology which optimises our servers for streaming, means you are far likely to encounter these errors. It may happen occasionally but can usually be fixed just by switching server.

Technical 👩‍💻

Pyramid supports 2.4Ghz networks, has a max transmission speed of 300mbps and real-world encrypted speeds of up to 17mbps. It has two ports for wired connectivity, a USB port for file-sharing and a Qualcomm processor. Get the full low-down at pyramidwifi.com/product

No, Pyramid is a WiFi router it gets its connection (wired or wireless) from your home broadband, tethered smartphone or Public WiFi hotspot. It does nor have a SIM tray, but can tether to smartphones via WiFi (with USB tethering coming soon).

Yep, an internet connection (broadband, mobile or Public hotspot) is required. We recommend at least 5 – 7mbps connection speed for decent performance.

Pyramid does not have an internal battery but is powered over USB. A power adaptor is provided and if you use a power bank (sold separately) it will keep you online for hours with super low power consumption.

Pyramid has Public WiFi mode for simple connectivity on Public networks and Stealth Mode for handling tricky corporate firewalls which block VPN or encrypted traffic.

*Watch this space*. Currently, you need to carry the device but it’s very small and light. We do have some exciting plans in this area…

Privacy 👻

Hell no! 🔥 We do not keep any logs or timestamps that could enable the identification of our customers.

Our product / servers have no tracking whatsoever of users. 

Our website has analytics and uses some external support tools which you can read about in our privacy policy.

Of course, we offer strong network-level leak protection. We have DNS leak protection, IPv6 leak protection, a kill switch and Web RTC protection. A network level implementation also makes it less likely to leak than the software implementations of many VPN apps.

OpenVPN with AES 256 CBC + 2048 bit DH key.

Currently we have Stripe for payment processing and also accept PayPal. Crypto-currency support is on our roadmap.

Pyramid is the simplest way to enjoy the internet without limits. Enjoy your favourite content anywhere and keep your personal information private.