How to Get VPN on Zgemma for IPTV

VPN for Zgemma

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are quickly becoming essential for internet users who want to get online privately and without annoying restrictions. 

They can make you secure and safer as well as get rid of annoying regional content restrictions.

VPN on Zgemma

There is no native VPN support on Zgemma as it doesn’t support VPN apps but thankfully that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy all the benefits of VPN on your favourite console. 

Read on to find out how...

Why Use a VPN on Zgemma?

A reputable VPN works by sending all of your internet activity through an encrypted tunnel (a server) which makes your online activity anonymous from your internet provider. 

A reputable VPN works by sending all of your internet activity through an encrypted tunnel (a server) which makes your online activity anonymous from your internet provider. 

For most Zgemma or IPTV users, the key attraction of a VPN is to stop their internet provider from blocking IPTV content.

Other benefits include being able to bypass geographical restrictions - those errors on services such as iPlayer that say ‘Content unavailable in your location’. It can also be used to switch location on services such as Netflix so that you can access the full range of content and not need to put up with location-based price discrimination, where you pay the same amount as subscribers in other countries but only have access to a fraction of the content. 

How to Access VPN on Zgemma 

The best solution to access VPN on Zgemma is Pyramid - it can connect either wirelessly or wired depending on whether your Zgemma box supports wireless.

Pyramid is a WiFi box, which is smaller and lighter than a smartphone, and pairs with your existing broadband or any internet provider.

It’s designed to deliver all the benefits of a VPN but with no need to install software or worry about whether it works on your device. 

That means you can go from plugging it in to enjoying VPN on all devices so not limited to Zgemma but also on Smart TV, consoles or any other device in less than 5 minutes.

There’s also a simple-to-use app that allows you to switch location in seconds so that you can remove location restrictions and unlock content that is not typically available in your location.

The TV-Ready VPN

Pyramid works over WiFi, rather than needing to install software on each device meaning it's also compatible with all of these devices:

VPN for Smart TV

VPN for Smart TV

VPN for Fire Stick and Fire TV

Fire Stick VPN

Playstation VPN

Playstation VPN



Chromecast VPN

VPN for Chromecast

Roku VPN


Apple TV VPN

VPN for Apple TV

Nintendo Switch VPN

VPN for Nintendo Switch

VPN Router

VPN for Any Device

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smart TV?

A Smart TV is any telvision with an internet connection and access to streaming apps. Samsung also uses the term 'Smart TV' for a line of their televisions but lots of companies make Smart TV's too.

Pyramid's TV support also extends to streaming devices including Apple TV, Xbox, PS4, Roku, Chromecast and many more.

Does Pyramid work on all TVs?

Yes. Pyramid works with all models and manufacturers - you don't have to install any software so all that is required is connecting your Smart TV to Pyramid over WiFi (recommended) or an ethernet cable if you prefer.

Specific streaming services may still be able to block on occasion, so if you do run into any issues please pop our team a message and they'll be more than happy to help!


Can I use Pyramid on other devices at the same time?

Absolutely. Pyramid works with up to 10 devices at the same time although it can only be set to one location at a time - so, for example, if set to UK all connected devices would be browsing as though they were located in the UK.

Does it come with accounts for streaming apps?

No. Pyramid doesn't come with accounts for specific streaming services but you can register with those websites even if you're abroad (so long as you set your location to the desired country in the Pyramid app). Pyramid complements your streaming accounts allowing you to watch them anywhere without location blocking.

Does Pyramid keep logs?

Pyramid as a company was founded to make privacy accessible. Our products and servers store no activity or connection logs. We also collect nothing that would enable a specific user to be tracked or traced. For more details, check out our privacy policy.

Is it legal?

Yes, with very few exceptions.

A VPN changes the IP address and encrypts the traffic to grant you access to a streaming service. However, a lot of people are concerned with the legality of using a VPN.

Watching Netflix or another streaming service outside the UK with a VPN is legal unless you are situated in a country such as UAE, China, Iran or Russia, where the use of VPNs has been outlawed.

With some streaming services, such as Netflix, using a VPN could violate their terms and conditions but again that is not against the law. It is unlikely, although not impossible, that a streaming provider could terminate your account for violating terms but we’ve never heard of it happening in real life.  

Is there a free trial?

Every Pyramid purchase comes with a risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee. You can enjoy all the features of Pyramid for up to 30 days and return it for a full refund if you don't love it.

Try it on Zgemma for 30 days

If you try Pyramid and decide it's not for you, just let us know within 30 days and you'll get a full refund.

30-day money-back guarantee

If you try Pyramid and decide it's not for you, just let us know within 30 days and you'll get a full refund.

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