Pyramid Series 2

Enjoy faster speeds, steep discounts and trying the latest tech?

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As an early user of Pyramid who used version 1 of the product before our latest improvements (including 3x faster speeds), we are excited to offer you early access to our newest version.

We're looking for 500 previous users to test our newest release and we're offering our best ever deal to make that happen. Fancy experiencing the 3x faster Pyramid?

"Now we have had the update the speed is so much better. So value for money, yes, Does what it says, Yes. Would I recommended it, yes....."

Amazon Customer

What's New

We've kept the pocket-size design of Pyramid but re-engineered the product with an improved user-experience, all-new high speed servers and mobile apps.

Meet Wireguard 👋

Pyramid now features Wireguard. All the privacy of traditional VPN with next-generation performance and up to 3x faster speeds. Say hello to Ultra HD streaming!

Designed by You

Share your thoughts on new Pyramid products and features and get up to 6 months free Pyramid Pass access. Help us improve and get rewards.

Become a Tester

We're rewarding early customers of Pyramid with early access, faster speeds and some steep discounts. Fancy joining us in building the next-generation of Pyramid?