Pyramid - Plug & Play VPN Router

Pyramid - Plug & Play VPN Router


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“Easy setup” is the most commonly used phrase from almost 1,600 reviews.

That means either it really is a doddle to get it up and running or Pyramid users are just a bunch of complementary geniuses…

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Pyramid gets online by pairing with an existing internet connection (such as your home router or a Public WiFi hotspot) – it has a cable if you prefer the old school way.

It then broadcasts it’s own WiFi network (you can rename this to whatever name you want 😎).

Any devices you connect to this can run over VPN. And you can manage your location or settings at any time using the Pyramid app.

VPN stands for “virtual private network” 

It’s a way to protect your privacy by running all your browsing through an encrypted tunnel (encryption basically scrambles your data to make it unreadable). 

It keeps unwanted eyeballs – including your internet provider, boss, advertisers or hackers on Public WiFi from accessing your personal browsing data.

VPN also changes your IP address so that apps can’t tell your physical location – and you can choose to appear in a different country to unlock streaming services or content not normally available in your location. 

Safety, privacy and online freedom. And with Pyramid, we make it work over WiFi, so it’s never been easier.

It sure is!

Pyramid can connect to any device (via WiFi or ethernet).

That includes the usual suspects such as your phones, laptops and tablets and also devices not typically supported by VPN such as TVs, consoles, streaming players.

It’s hard being compatible with everything but someone’s got to do it.

Yes, you do. 

Pyramid can connect to any home broadband or internet provider. It can also get online with Public WiFi (such as airports or hotels).

Lastly, it can even tether to your iPhone or smartphone (wirelessly or via USB) or work with a USB dongle for 4G connections. 

It does not provide internet on its own and needs to connect using one of the methods above. This is not a MiFi product, if you are looking for that check here.

Pyramid is typically fast enough for HD streaming speeds and supports up to 15 devices at the same time.

Pyramid boosts your wireless signal and can improve speeds in areas of your home with weak signal. However, VPN also is typically less fast than unencrypted connections with Pyramid’s max speed being 45mbps. This is more than fast enough for HD Streaming.

If your existing network is slow, Pyramid will not make it faster and VPN would not be recommended in that situation.

Most likely!

Pyramid is compatible with the vast majority of major streaming services including Netflix, Prime, HBO, iPlayer and more. 

As with any VPN provider, 100% compatibility with every streaming service ever invented across the 78 countries we offer cannot be guaranteed. Occasionally, streaming services may block VPN providers. We tend to be quick to resolve these issues and unavailable services are rare.


Pyramid works with any device (including consoles, TV or streaming players that don’t support VPN apps).

It also only needs installed once – everything can connect over WiFi so there’s no need to manually install and configure on every individual device.

And it doesn’t drain your battery life in the same manner as VPN apps, as Pyramid handles the encryption using its own hardware and not the processor in your phone.

It also matches or beats the top providers in terms of price, range of servers and max devices:

No need to replace your router. 

Pyramid connects to your existing router and creates its own WiFi Network. 

This means you can choose which devices to run over VPN.

You can switch location at any time using the Pyramid App (available for iPhone, iPad or Android). 

Alternatively, you can use your browser visiting either or at any time.


When you connect to VPN on Pyramid, it has a SafetySwitch which means you will never browse without VPN unless you choose to disconnect. 

The middle LED light on Pyramid also turns on to show you are connected so you can always tell in a glance. Or you can use the Pyramid app. 

You can also get extra peace of mind by visiting to confirm your IP no longer shows or which will confirm that your IP location has changed.

If you don’t love it, you can send it back within the first 30 days for a full refund (we’ll even pay postage).

A new question? Great, we love those. 

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Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 25mm x 58mm x 58mm Weight: 39 grams
WiFi – Wireless 802.11b/g/n (2.4Ghz)

1x WAN Port, 1x LAN Port

USB Port (Tether a Smartphone or 4G USB Dongle or use for USB file-sharing with a USB flash drive).
– Preconfigured VPN Client (Wireguard® & OpenVPN)
– Wireless Range Extender
– USB Filesharing
– Travel Router​
Pyramid App is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Pyramid can also be configured without apps using your browser and visiting or
  • 6,900 VPN Servers (Wireguard® + OpenVPN)
  • Switch between 78+ Countries
  • Support for major streaming services 
  • 256bit AES Encryption
  • No logs
  • Private DNS & Leak Protection
  • Safety Switch (Kill Switch) to protect from leaks​
  • Internet connection required.
  • VPN functionality requires an active pass or bundle.
  • Activation requires a valid credit card for renewal (turn off at anytime).
  • Power required – 5v1a power adaptor sold separately. ​

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